The Beauty of Simplistic Countertop Designs and No Seams

Modern countertops are regularly designed to have minimal to no seams and with simplicity in mind, and the basic design of simple countertops can be a very versatile foundation of a modern and sleek Gilbert, AZ kitchen theme. When it comes to countertops, many homeowners are not looking for something overly complicated, but they usually want a nice neutral color that can fit into the overall theme of their kitchen and be easily adjusted in the future. Also, depending on the material, it can be easier to have fewer to no seams, so certain materials like quartz or concrete have become more popular for their ability to be seamless and custom designed.

The beauty of countertops

Simple countertop designs match a lot of kitchen elements

The main reason why homeowners in Gilbert, AZ often prefer simplistic countertops is because of the fact that they can fit into a wider range of kitchen designs. This can be important when it comes time to sell a home, as the buyer may watch to change most of the elements in the kitchen, but if the countertops are the very least are made from a high quality neutral material without elaborate details, they can usually be left alone as a more permanent aspect of the kitchen.


Manmade countertop materials can be seamless 

The manmade countertop materials such as engineered quartz and concrete can be completely customized to the homeowner’s preference, which means that they will usually have very few to no seams. Although granite fabrication has evolved to the point where seams are also very hard to see if not invisible, the manmade materials feature a customization that natural materials simply can’t match. Engineered quartz in particular has become popular for its similarities to natural stone (it is 95% natural stone), combined with its ability to be customized in a variety of colors.


Edge profiles don’t have to be complicated to look great

Edge profiles can certain be complicated depending on the tastes of a homeowners, but the simpler edge profiles are often preferable and can be seen as a more conservative but still attractive. A waterfall edge profile can look great on a nice new set of granite countertops, but then again it may not be all that functional and it may not even be necessary. Flat profiles are often the best choice for countertops because of how well they can match the other elements of a kitchen. More complex edge profiles can in fact look quite good in certain cases, especially in luxury design themes.

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