Trending Plumbing Fixtures and Faucets for 2015

The fixtures and faucets in your Mesa, AZ home are easy to upgrade and can give a whole new look to your entire bathroom or kitchen. You also might consider upgrading your countertops if you have the budget, and picking the right style of faucet to match your countertops is important to achieving a unified look.

There are several different styles of modern faucets that can match your countertops and improve the look of your home. Trendy faucets have become another opportunity for kitchen designers to introduce new elements of style and design, and below are some tips for picking trendy faucets to match your countertops and the rest of your kitchen.

Think about the design theme of your kitchen or bathroom

Your faucets and fixtures are just one small portion of the overall theme for your kitchen or bathroom, so be sure to stick to that overall theme no matter what you choose. The theme might be rustic, or classic, or industrial, or whatever you prefer, but if just one element is out of place it can throw off the entire design. Don’t pick a faucet just because you liked how it looks without thinking about how it fits the overall design for the room.

Match everything when possible

One of the first things to consider with new faucets or fixtures for your Mesa, AZ home is how they will match with your countertops. If you have thicker, square countertops then you might want to go with thicker, simpler and more masculine styled faucets. Thinner countertops can be matched with more of a feminine slender look for faucets, or faucets that have more details and curves. Picking a style of faucet that goes well with your countertops will synergize your kitchen so try to match them when possible, and again you should think about the overall design of the kitchen during this process.

Think about the details

You can pick out small details from the countertops in your Mesa, AZ home and use those details to pick out a theme for your faucets. For instance, marble countertops have natural veining that can give them a more decorative and ornamental look, and to carry that theme throughout your kitchen or bathroom you can pick a classic styled faucet. If you have granite countertops you might consider picking a finish for your faucets that matches certain colors in the granite; for instance if there are specks of bronze you might pick a bronze finish for the faucet.

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