Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2015

Popular bathroom designs change on a regular basis, and in 2015 there are several new trends that are expected to be commonly seen in Gilbert, AZ homes. If you are considering a bathroom remodel this year, it helps to know the latest trends so that you can pick out what you might find appealing. A professional interior designer can show you examples of these trends while also giving you advice on what might work best for your particular home. Below are three of the top bathroom remodel trends that are expected to rise in popularity for 2015.

Walk in showers are a bathroom remodel trend for 2015

Large walk-in showers are increasingly seen in homes in Gilbert, AZ, and they are expected to be requested more often this year. Walk-in showers can sometimes be considered a bit of a luxury because you often need a larger bathroom to have them. Many bathroom remodel projects increase the actual space of the bathroom to accommodate these showers. Seniors also often install walk-in showers as a part of their bathroom remodel project because they are more accessible than other showers.

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Bathtubs are vanishing from homes during bathroom remodel projects

Another option to make room for a walk-in shower is to get rid of the bathtub, which is quickly becoming outdated in many homes. Bathtubs are often seen as a waste of water by Gilbert, AZ homeowners, and with the high cost of water in Arizona compared to many other parts of the country it makes sense to install water conserving showers instead of bathtubs. Taking a bath also takes a lot more time than a shower, and many people simply don’t have the time for a long bath even if they wanted to enjoy one. As a result many homeowners are switching out baths for regular or walk-in showers during their bathroom remodel.

Metallic fixtures are another trend for this year

Homeowners have started to install higher end metallic fixtures as a part of their bathroom remodel projects, and the fixtures often follow a similar design theme and finish. A wide range of different fixture options are available including nickel, chrome, copper, brass, bronze and more. Stainless steel is becoming less popular with the many different finish options for fixtures that have become available. The paint, countertops, tiles, towels, décor and other design elements of the bathroom can all be matched to the fixtures to create one unified bathroom remodel theme, and although fixtures were somewhat overlooked in the past, they have become a core part of modern bathroom remodel projects.