Best Damage-Resilient Materials for Countertops

Picking the right countertop material for your Chandler, AZ home can be a bit complicated since there are so many different types available, but if durability is one of your main concerns you can narrow down the list down pretty easily.

A kitchen that is heavily used needs to have durable countertops because you don’t want to have to install new countertops very often. You want countertops that will last for several years and improve the value of your home while also being functional for everything that you need to do.

damage resilient countertops

Natural stone is always a good choice for durable countertops

If you need something that is both durable and attractive, you can’t go wrong with natural stone countertops. Natural stone like granite is a popular choice for homeowners in Chandler, AZ because it is highly sought after by new homebuyers, and it is commonly found in the highest end luxury kitchens.

Since it is available at a lower price than ever before, many homeowners are choosing to install granite or other natural stone countertops like soapstone. Granite does need to be sealed every year, but the process of sealing it is fairly simple and many homeowners do it themselves.

Quartz countertops are durable and another good option

Quartz countertops are manufactured and as a result they can be customized to a large extent compared to granite, which is limited by the texture, color and pattern of the natural stone.

The texture, color and pattern of each quartz countertop can be matched with a kitchen’s design, and quartz has the benefit of being just as durable as granite.

Quartz has the benefit of not needing to be sealed, and it is also very heat and scratch resistant but you can expect to pay about the same amount that you would pay for real natural stone.

Metal countertops are increasingly popular

Metals like stainless steel are increasingly used for countertops for many reasons, and they fit very well in many different types of modern industrial designs.

Copper and zinc are also used as countertop materials depending on the style. Stainless steel has the benefit of being more hygienic than many other countertop materials, as it is a natural antibacterial surface.

It is also resistant to stains and heat damage, but one downside is that deep stainless steel scratches can be difficult to repair, and the cost can also be comparable to some types of natural stone.

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