Eco-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Trends

In 2015, many people are remodeling their kitchens to be more eco-friendly and energy efficient, and there are several new design trends that have emerged that you might consider for an eco-friendly kitchen remodel. If you have found that your energy costs in your Gilbert, AZ home have risen recently, or if you just want a more environmentally conscious kitchen design, you should consider some of the design ideas below for an upcoming kitchen remodel.

eco friendly kitchen remodel


Bamboo is being incorporated more into kitchen remodel projects

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, and it has been seen in many new kitchen remodel projects in Chandler, AZ as a building material. Bamboo can be used for cutting boards, flooring, and backsplashes, and it can look great in many different kitchen remodel designs. The advice of a design expert is often recommended when you are integrating bamboo into your kitchen remodel design, but there are several ways that you can incorporate this environmentally friendly material and make your kitchen look great.


Use natural lighting more

One common design trend is to use natural lighting as much as possible, and you may need to add more windows as a part of your kitchen remodel project to do so. Adding more windows can cost more money, but you will save money on lighting and it can make your kitchen look a lot brighter. Also, to cut down on the cost of artificial lighting you can use florescent or LED lighting, both of which are more efficient than traditional light bulbs. You can also add skylights as a part of your kitchen remodel design, but be sure to look into the cost before doing so, as there might be other more cost efficient lighting options available.


Refurbish instead of replacing

If you have outdated cabinets or flooring, consider refurbishing them instead of replacing them during your next kitchen remodel project. When you refurbish what you currently have, you can reduce the amount of trash and waste that your kitchen remodel project generates. It can be quite easy to reface your cabinets, especially if they made from a high quality wood but have just become outdated. The cost to refurbish your floor or cabinets with usually also be much lower than buying new. As another option, you may also be able to find recycled cabinets or flooring from a local salvage yard or other local source in Chandler, AZ, and refurbish them.