Trends to Consider for a 2015 Kitchen Remodel

There are dozens of new design trends for a kitchen remodel in your Gilbert, AZ home if you are considering changing things in 2015. Many of these new design trends can be implemented with a lower cost than ever as the result of new technology and products that make a kitchen remodel much easier than before. There is no right or wrong answer as to which of these kitchen remodel design trends would work best for you; it simply comes down to how well it will match the rest of your home, but here are some ideas to consider.


2015 kitchen remodel

Furniture styled cabinetry and other kitchen items may be popular

The furniture style for cabinetry and the other features of your kitchen is expected to become more popular in Gilbert, AZ homes, and this refers to the style of cabinetry that makes the kitchen look more like a living room or a dining room. This style of furniture gives a kitchen remodel a very luxurious and comforting look while also being as function as it needs to be, and it lets the kitchen become more of a living space rather than just a working space.


Open shelving is expected to be a popular kitchen remodel trend in 2015

You may want to consider adding open shelving with a kitchen remodel for 2015, as open shelves have become sought after with their ability to display different kitchen features. Open shelves allow you to create more of a customized kitchen remodel for your Gilbert, AZ home, and you can change up the display of your kitchen’s features quite easily once you have installed open shelving. Many kitchens can add it fairly easily without changing too much about them, so ask a designer or construction company about a kitchen remodel for open shelving if you are interested and you might be surprised at how little it may cost.


LED lighting is a kitchen remodel design trend for this year

LED lights will be added to many Gilbert, AZ homes that need a kitchen remodel because of their ability to create unique and amazing lighting schemes that can really make a kitchen a lot more functional. LED lighting can easily be installed underneath upper and lower cabinets and in other parts of a kitchen or wherever it is preferred by the designer and homeowner. LED lighting can really make a kitchen look much brighter and show off the best features of the room without being too bright or overwhelming.