Why Granite Countertops Will Continue to Be Popular in 2015

granite countertops

Granite can be found everywhere

One main reason why granite countertops continue to be popular is the fact that granite rock can be shipped from other parts of the world to Arizona and in many other parts of the country. Granite used to be very expensive and localized to certain parts of the country like Vermont and Montana, but the availability of low cost granite shipped from Brazil and India have made granite countertops more available and affordable than they have been in recent years.

Granite countertops are luxurious looking

A popular draw to granite countertops that many Chandler, AZ homeowners enjoy is the fact that they are very luxurious looking, and they instantly add an aura of class to any kitchen. The timeless and luxurious look is easily achieved with granite countertops but other materials like concrete or wood sometimes don’t have the same appeal. Homeowners who are looking to increase the value of their homes often stick with granite countertops because they are such a safe bet and can easily add value to a home, because fewer new homebuyers want to switch them out.

Granite can be customized to a large extent

The amount and variety of customizations for granite is greater than ever with computerized edging equipment. The saw cuts can be controlled by a computer with a diamond cutting saw so that the countertops are perfectly fabricated and customized for any kitchen. This gives homeowners a much larger degree of customizability, and there are many more varieties of patterns than there used to be as well. There are certainly some downsides to granite countertops such as the need to seal them every 6 months to a year, and the fact that they can be prone to fissures when they aren’t sealed, but aside from this they are a great option for any home.