4 Great Luxury Bathroom Remodel Ideas

If you are in the process of planning out a luxury bathroom remodel for your Gilbert, AZ home, there are several things to think about and features that you may want to add. When you are planning out a large bathroom remodel project, you need some good ideas on upgrades that might work well for you, and below are four great ideas that you might want to incorporate into your project.

luxury bathroom ideas

Bathroom remodel idea #1 – Add more space

Adding more space to your bathroom is often a great idea with a luxury bathroom remodel, and it can give your bathroom more of an airy and relaxed feeling. Some of ways to do this with your bathroom remodel project can include adding French doors, a smaller vanity, or a smaller shower or tub.


Bathroom remodel idea # 2 – Add more natural sunlight

Natural sunlight can give your bathroom more of a relaxed and organic feeling, and if you don’t have enough windows in your bathroom at the present moment it can make a dramatic difference. Windows can be added higher up on your walls to still allow for privacy, and it has the extra benefit of making your bathroom more eco-friendly if that is important to you.


Bathroom remodel idea #3 – Get ideas from international designs

There are several amazing European and Japanese bathroom designs that you may want to mimic in your Gilbert, AZ home. Japanese bathrooms feature attractive features like Shoji screens and glass doors on the shower, as well as a separate dressing area. European bathrooms are more traditional but can be luxurious, and there are several “Old World” looks that you can incorporate into your bathroom remodel project such as a claw footed tub and wrought iron racks, as well as many modern designs to pick from.


Bathroom remodel idea #4 – Add seating

Adding seating into your bathroom remodel project is a great way to add more utility to your bathroom and give yourself a place to sit while doing making or getting ready. If you have the room, can add a his-hers vanity unit into your bathroom which can add more storage to your bathroom and free up more space in your bedroom. Wooden benches can be a great addition to your remodel project to give yourself a place dry off or relax, and they are often placed next to a hot tub or near to the shower or wherever you have the space.