Eco-Friendly Bathroom Fixtures

Water saving bathroom fixtures can reduce the cost of the water bill in your Gilbert, AZ home dramatically, and they are easier to install than you might think. If you are planning a new bathroom remodel for your home, you should strong consider adding water conserving bathroom fixtures. The cost for adding these fixtures in your bathroom remodel budget is not that high. The savings that you will get on your water bill can offset any potential extra cost for these fixtures with the high price of water in Arizona.

ECOFRIENDLY bathroom fixtures

Eco-friendly shower heads are a new bathroom remodel trend

You should think about installing eco-friendly shower heads in your next bathroom remodel project because they can end up saving you a substantial amount of money on your annual water bill. Water conserving shower heads can reduce your water consumption by several gallons per month, and they are usually measured in gallons per minute in terms of efficiency.

The most efficient shower heads are around 1.5 to 2 gallons per minute in their efficiency, and there are even some ultra-efficient shower heads that can get to around 1 to 1.25 gallons per minute. Installing these during your bathroom remodel can translate into saving thousands of gallons per year.


Water efficient toilets are another eco-friendly bathroom remodel trend

Many homeowners are also installing water efficient toilets as a part of their bathroom remodel project because of how much money they can save. Water conserving toilets do not cost much more than regular toilets, and there are several that meet or exceed the EPA guidelines of 1.28 gallons per flush. Each type of toilet uses a different method to conserve water, some use a vacuum flush assistant to help reduce the amount of water flushed, and others have a water conserving design.


Think about installing a water conserving faucet during your next bathroom remodel

Another area where you can save money in your bathroom is the sink, and a water conserving faucet is another great idea to add to your next bathroom remodel. These faucets are designed to not exceed around 1.5 gallons per minute usually, and the law requires that faucets do not exceed 2.2 gallons per minute, however many older faucets are inefficient and can be 3 gpm or higher. No matter what, it’s always a good idea to install water conserving faucets, showerheads and toilets in your next bathroom remodel project, and the amount of money that it can save for your water bill can add up very quickly over time.