More Cabinet Design Trends For 2015

There are several new cabinet design trends for 2015, as preferences and tastes for cabinets continue to change. Gilbert, AZ homeowners desire something modern and exciting in their kitchens when they are looking for new cabinets, and some of the new trends that have popped up include cabinets that are more efficient with their storage space, green and eco-friendly materials, and exciting color patterns. Style and color trends change regularly, and below are some of the 2015 trends that you might consider if you are looking to upgrade anytime soon.


Purple is a popular color trendcabinet deisng trends

Purple cabinets have become a new eclectic color trend for 2015, and they are increasingly seen in Gilbert, AZ homes and other homes throughout the country. Purple creates more of a sophisticated look which breaks away from the traditional neutral colors that are commonly used for cabinets. Purple gives a kitchen a unique visual richness, and although the rest of the kitchen needs to be matched to the cabinets, it can create a very unique and appealing design. It is normally blended with darker hues like greys and browns for more contrast, and it needs to be carefully planned to match every other kitchen element.


Black is another color trend for 2015

Black continues to be a popular color choice because it can fit into such a wide range of designs, and it offers a contemporary look that works well as a great foundation for your kitchen design. Black matches well with many different shades of paint and other colors for your kitchen décor, and it can create a nice, luxurious neutral backdrop for you to work with. Many designs bring together white and black, such as white granite and black lacquer. Black cabinets look very modern and minimalistic and just fit well into many different kitchen styles.


Open shelving is a new design trend

Cabinets are now being combined with open shelving to create more of an airy and personalized look in kitchens. Shelves can be used to display décor items and allows the homeowner to personalize the kitchen more. A combination of shelves and cabinets is usually the best approach for many kitchens, as functionality is always an important consideration, and shelves simply don’t offer the same storage capability. Also, there are some kitchen items that don’t look good on display. In some cases, see through cabinets are used as another way to display décor items.