Best High Quality Flooring Options for a Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Your choice of flooring for a bathroom remodel in your Gilbert, AZ home is one of the most important decisions that you can make, because your flooring cannot be easily switched out once it’s installed. There are several great flooring materials to consider using for a luxury bathroom remodel, and there are benefits and disadvantages to each one. Take the time to do a bit of research and pick the right material based on your specific needs and you won’t have any regrets with the flooring choice for your bathroom remodel.

Best High Quality Flooring Options for a

Stone floor tile is a luxurious option that can work well for your bathroom

Stone floor tile can be a great choice for flooring when you want a durable and stain resistant material that looks amazing in your bathroom. Granite and stone tiles can be slippery if they are polished, so try to use stone tiles that are textured and mixed to have rough spots so that they have some slip resistance. Granite in particular has become a popular choice for stone floor tiles because of its visual appeal and durability, but there are many other options available such as marble, onyx, and more.


Marble flooring is a great choice for your bathroom remodel project

You may also want to consider marble flooring for your upcoming bathroom remodel because of its beautiful natural look and the fact that it is available in such a wide range of different colors. You can find marble tiles in many colors because the component minerals can vary, and you can choose from several different textures and finishes for your bathroom remodel. Be sure to avoid picking marble tiles that have thick veins because they can contain iron, and you can test the amount of iron in your marble tiles by soaking them in water for 48 hours and letting them sit for 48 hours and checking for any color changes.


Consider adding heated floors during your bathroom remodel

No matter what floor material that you use for your bathroom remodel project, you can usually add heating, and it may be a good choice if you are using stone or another material that can get cold. Radiant heating can be installed as a part of your bathroom remodel project, and there are electric or hydronic systems. Hydronic systems use a hot water heater and rubber tubing installed underneath your floor to heat it, while electric systems use heat resistant wire to heat your floor. Both types of heating systems can be easily installed during your next bathroom remodel.