Best Kid Friendly Countertops

There are several kid friendly countertop materials that you might consider installing if you have children. These particular materials are durable, resistant to microbe buildup, and better overall for your kids. If you are considering new countertops for an upcoming kitchen remodel for your Chandler, AZ kitchen, think about installing engineered stone countertops, granite countertops, or even laminate in some cases. There are several benefits to each type of material that will be described below, and durability should be one of the main concerns when are you looking for new countertops for your kitchen.

kid safe countertops

Consider engineered stone

Engineered stone is a perfect material for a family with children because they are durable and very difficult to scratch. The surface is non-porous so it difficult to stain. Most engineered stones like quartz are very durable and right on par in terms of hardness with granite. With the amount of use that your kitchen might get, you will definitely want a material that will last the test of time and will maintain its beauty like engineered stone. Even better, you can customize the stone to be exactly how you want it no matter what your kitchen looks like.


Granite countertops are good for children

Granite countertops are also often recommended for a home with children. They are hard and durable, just like engineered stone, and although they need to be sealed every now and then they are very resilient to damage. It’s almost impossible to scratch them, and they are also anti-microbial when they are sealed. Stains clean up easily on granite, and you don’t have to worry about fixing expensive chips because of how durable chip resistant this material is. Cost is on par with many types of engineered stone surfaces, and another main benefit is the natural beauty of polished granite.


Laminate is another option

Laminate countertops aren’t the most expensive or luxurious, but some homeowners in Chandler, AZ have opted for these countertops in their family home. Spills are easy to clean up on laminate countertops. Because it is non-porous, bacteria do not grow very easily on the surface. It doesn’t stain very easily as long as spills are cleaned up quickly. The countertops are designed to be resistant to damage and won’t crack easily. However, if your children do somehow damage the countertops, they can fairly quickly be replaced. There are also hundreds of different colors, patterns and textures available so you can be certain to find exactly what you want.