How to Take Care of Granite Countertops

Taking care of granite countertops in your Chandler, AZ home is fairly simple because they are designed to be durable and to last for several years with the proper maintenance. Granite is one of the hardest materials used in construction, and it can withstand a lot of use without scratching or wearing down. But, if you neglect maintaining them they can wear down just like any other material in spite of their damage resistance. There are a few maintenance steps that you should do on a regular basis to ensure that your granite countertops look just as good as they did when you first bought them.

takign care of granite counters

Clean up spills right away

You should be sure to clean up any spills on your granite countertops immediately after they happen. Although acidic juices like lemon juice or fruit juices won’t etch your granite countertops, they definitely can stain them. Don’t assume that you can leave a stain on your countertops and clean it up later without any permanent damage. Clean up any spills using a soft cloth or a sponge and some warm water, but try to avoid using dish soap.


Be sure that your countertops are properly sealed

One important thing to do is to make sure that your granite countertops are properly sealed. Properly sealed granite countertops will be protected against damage from stains, scratches and other types of damage. Most types of granite need to be sealed and there are only a few types of stone countertops like soapstone that don’t need to be sealed. If you have any questions about the type of sealer that you should use, you should discuss this with your fabricator. There are both professional and home sealers that you can use for your granite countertops, and you can use either but make sure they are sealed before you use them.


Stick to granite countertop cleaners

You should only use products that are specifically made for cleaning granite countertops in your Chandler, AZ home, not other household cleaners that are not tested on granite. Other cleaners can damage the sealer, or leave residue that can reduce the shine. Cleaners like dish soap are an example of a cleaner that should rarely or never be used for your countertops; they won’t cause any permanent damage but they can cause buildup that can be difficult to clean. Also, be sure to only use a soft cloth with your cleaner to keep your granite countertops protected, and follow the instructions on the bottle.