Modern Kitchen Remodel Trends

Many of the kitchen designs for 2015 are focused on sleek and modern designs that are minimalistic. Recent designs feature the latest technology and innovative takes on traditional kitchen features. Many Gilbert, AZ homeowners change the more flexible aspects of their kitchen designs based on the season, but below are some of the core kitchen design trends that have taken hold in Arizona and in other parts of the country.


Concealing appliances is a common design trend

The concealment of appliances is a common design trend in Gilbert, AZ and many other cities, and many modern kitchens are being redesigned with this capability. Appliances can be concealed by new cabinets and cubby holes, built in coffee centers, warming drawers, and built in steam ovens. These appliances blend right into the kitchen’s design and are truly at the cutting edge of modern kitchens. Built in coffee centers in particular have become a very popular kitchen design feature that have been seen in newer kitchens. They reduce the need for a standalone coffee maker while offering the same quality of coffee if not better.


Accent lighting is a new kitchen design feature

Accent lighting is now being installed in many modern kitchens, and they can highlight the best features of a kitchen design without being overwhelming. Accent lights can be added to the top or bottom of cabinets to draw attention to display items like décor or glassware. There are smaller fixtures available for those who don’t want to overwhelm their kitchens with too much light, while larger fixtures are available for kitchens that need more light. The opinion of a lighting professional is sometimes needed to make sure that the lights are properly installed with the kitchen design, but once they are installed they can really brighten the kitchen and add a modern look to it.


Traditional kitchen design trends are still common

One of the newer kitchen design trends in Gilbert, AZ is to combine modern with traditional designs to create a sort of fusion. This idea takes some of the best trends of the past and incorporates them into new designs. Some examples include classic Shaker doors being installed on cabinets and materials are often being mixed that normally aren’t mixed with modern designs, such as wood and steel or wood and marble. When done properly, a traditional kitchen design can blend in nicely with modern kitchen features, and it adds a more comforting and warm feeling to the kitchen.