Pros and Cons of Wood Countertops

Wood countertops offer a natural attractiveness that is hard to match with other countertop materials, but there are some disadvantages to take into account before you decide on a set for your Chandler, AZ home. First, it’s important to note that every species of wood has significant differences. You need to really do your research on the wood that you are interested in using to make sure that it fits your needs and requirements. Wood has some advantages compared to other popular materials, and it can be just as durable with the proper care and maintenance.


Wood countertops require more care than natural stone

Many types of natural stone can withstand much more abuse than wood countertops. Because of this, you need to be extra careful with them and treat them similarly to a piece of expensive furniture. They are usually not a great option for families with heavily used kitchens. It’s a risk to have wood counters in a home with children because they can be scratched with enough effort. Also, wood countertops need to be sealed on a regular basis.


Wood countertops are more prone to water damage

Water can damage many types of wood countertops, and as a result you need to be very careful with water and liquids, and clean any spills as soon as they occur. Leaving a cup with condensation on the counter can cause damage to the surface, and excess water that is left after washing dishes needs to be cleaned up immediately. You need to keep the countertops dry as much as possible, but there are some good natural finishes that can help protect the wood from water damage. The countertops usually need to be resealed two or three times per year.


They can be fabricated with high grade woods

There are a wide range of high grade wood species that you can use for your countertops, and these woods are more resilient to damage. Some options can include teak, tigerwood, black walnut, zebrawood, and even sustainable bamboo. Homeowners who are eco-conscious can look for a local or sustainable wood species, but there are some high quality exotic hardwoods like teak, wenge or tigerwood that can look great for your particular kitchen. The quality and beauty of these countertops can be right on par with natural stone, but the extra care requirements are worth some thought before you make a final decision on this material.