Top Spring Trends for Luxury Cabinets

If you are looking for new cabinets for your kitchen in your Gilbert, AZ home this spring, there are several new trends that you might consider for your cabinets’ design. Adding new cabinets as a part of a luxury kitchen remodel can be a major upgrade in the functionality of your kitchen and of course with the right material and design they will look great. If you are considering installing a new set of cabinets, think about implementing some of these trends.

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Plentiful storage is one of the top trends

New cabinets often feature maximum storage space as well as unique storage features like pullout trays and drawers. Bread boxes and spice racks can be installed to free up space in your kitchen, and there can be customized storage spots created for your pans, cookie sheets and kitchen tools. A new set can be built from scratch to be designed to perfectly fit your cooking tools and pans. You can make the best use of your cabinet space when you have organization and storage built into them, and this is one of the more popular trends that can improve the functionality of your kitchen.


Wood is a popular material choice

There are several high quality woods that have been used more frequently for luxury cabinets in Gilbert, AZ homes. Oak is still excellent choice even though it is more of a classic wood, while maple and cherry are also increasingly popular wood choices. Darker wood tones have become popular for 2015, and cherry tends to be a favorite in metropolitan areas. Darker wood tones are also often paired with warmer finishes for cabinet hardware like bronze or chrome. Opaque finishes are also increasingly common on some wood varieties like maple for luxury kitchen designs because they can be customized for a specific look.


Glass fronts are a popular option

Glass front cabinets are being used for top cabinets and are an increasingly popular option because they allow the homeowner to display dishes, glassware and other d├ęcor. They are a nice change from traditional closed wall cabinets, and many designs feature a combination of glass front with standard cabinets. Some kitchens also feature glass fronts on the bottom cabinets but this is less common. Sometimes glass front cabinets are combined with shelving to create more of an unexpected pattern, and asymmetry is another theme that can be seen in many modern cabinet designs.