Ways to Redesign Your Kitchen to be Safer

The kitchen is a common location for accidents in the home, and if you have had accidents or injuries in your Gilbert, AZ kitchen you should consider a kitchen remodel to make it safer. You don’t have to make very many major changes in your kitchen remodel to make your home and kitchen safer, and it may be well worth it, especially if you have had accidents in the past. If you have children you should also definitely consider a kitchen remodel to improve its safety, and of course you can add other features to your kitchen during your remodel such as new fixtures or a more modern design.

safety in the kitchen

Consider installing lower countertops during your kitchen remodel

You might consider installing lower countertops during your kitchen remodel if you have children or if you cook regularly. Lowered countertops can be easier to work with when you are cooking. For instance, it can be easier to check inside a toaster on a lowered countertop to see if the toast is done rather than having to crane your neck or reach over and risk a burn. It’s also safer to work on a lowered counter while you are mixing and cooking, which is particularly important when you have hot liquids. Also, children will be able to eat and drink more easily on lowered countertops.


A kitchen island can be a great idea for your kitchen remodel

If you have children, you should also consider installing a kitchen island during your next kitchen remodel. Having a kitchen island gives your children a specific area where they can play and hang out, which is far away from where you might be cooking. This keeps them away from any dangers when you are cooking, and you can custom design the island to have a workable height for your children. You can also store your kids’ cups and plates in most islands since they usually come with storage, and this helps to prevent them from trying to access difficult to reach areas of your kitchen.


A microwave drawer can be a safer kitchen remodel option

Homes with children or disabled people should consider installing a microwave drawer with your kitchen remodel, which is essentially a microwave installed in the lower cabinets or your kitchen island. Installing a lowered microwave during your kitchen remodel won’t cost too much, and it can make it much more accessible for your family. Older children can use the microwave more easily, however younger children should be monitored when using any appliances of course.