Top Modern Bathroom Remodel Trends

Bathroom remodel trends in Gilbert, AZ are always changing, but staying on top of the trends can help you when it comes time for your next bathroom remodel. The bathroom has evolved to being much more than just a place to shower; in modern homes and luxury homes it is a spa, a retreat, and features high-tech appliances. Below are some of the design trends that you might want to incorporate in your next bathroom remodel based on some of the popular designs in Arizona and the rest of the U.S.

Top Modern Bathroom Remodel Trends

Consider installing a refrigerated medicine cabinet

Refrigerated medicine cabinets are now available at lower prices than ever before, and these let you store medications in your bathroom that would normally need to be stored in your fridge. You can also store beverages in these medicine cabinets or skin products that require refrigerator. These cabinets also usually have a non-refrigerated portion for your regular medicine cabinet items.


Showers have several high-tech upgrades that you can add

Modern showers give you more flexibility and features than ever before. You can install control systems in your shower that control the water temperature and pressure very precisely. Many showers also have televisions installed in their walls or directly outside of the shower, as well as stereo systems to play music while you are showering. The music system can usually be controlled with a tablet or a wall control panel and it can be hooked up to your favorite playlist.


Install fixtures that conserve water during your next bathroom remodel

Hands free faucets turn on and off automatically, and although these have normally been seen more commonly in commercial airports and businesses, they are making their way into more and more homes in Gilbert, AZ and the rest of the country. These features also usually have low flow aerators that help to further conserve water, and of course they are impressive and convenient to use. There are also shower heads that conserve water and offer the same spray speed as a regular shower but with lower water usage.


Add a sunbathing surface to your hot tub

Some hot tub models, like the Sundeck produced by Duravit have a cover that lets you lay on and sunbathe when the tub is not being used. This can be custom installed for your home so that it is directly under sunlight and it is a great way to sunbathe in the comfort and privacy of your home. It also converts into a headrest when it is not being used as a sunbathing surface.