3 Modern Upgrades for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

If you are in the process starting a kitchen remodel project for your Chandler, AZ home, you should check out some of the latest high-tech and modern upgrade trends to get some ideas on new features that you might want. Adding new gadgets to your kitchen can improve its functionality substantially and modernize it. The latest kitchen appliances, fixtures, and gadgets have new smart technology and features that have never been seen in homes before, and these exciting new features can really add a lot of versatility to your kitchen and make life easier.

3 Modern Upgrades for Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Consider installing outlets or charging stations

Electronics are finding their way more and more into the modern kitchen remodel projects. The latest kitchens feature tablet computers installed in walls, and modern kitchen gadgets can integrate with smartphones and have their own apps. Also if you have a kitchen island or dining area you or your family might spend a lot of time in these areas. That’s why it can be helpful to have an electronics charging station with USB connectors or an outlet installed in your kitchen. You can add a charging station in your kitchen island or in a discreet location in a cabinet drawer, and it can add more convenience to a modern kitchen.


Consider installing a “smart faucet” during your next kitchen remodel

There are several modern “smart faucet” models and other faucets that can make cleaning easier. There are hands-free models that you can install that can help keep your kitchen clean by eliminating the need to touch the handle every time you need water, and this can prevent the spread of bacteria. Other smart faucets make cleaning more convenient with forceful water sprays or have features like digital water temperature which gives you a very precise temperature for cooking or cleaning needs.


Quartz countertops can save you maintenance effort

Granite and natural stone is still popular for countertops in Chandler, AZ, but they have the downside of requiring regular sealing. Quartz is more maintenance friendly than granite because it doesn’t require sealing. It is similar in terms of hardness and durability, and if you don’t want to have to deal with regular sealing then it can be a great option for your kitchen remodel. You also have a wider range of design choices with quartz compared to granite. It is also non-porous and resistant to stains which will help you maintain it, but of course you need to clean up stains quickly and do your best to avoid any unnecessary heat or physical damage.