3 Top Eco-Friendly Countertop Options

If you are concerned about the environment you may want to pick eco-friendly materials the next time that you upgrade the countertops in your Gilbert, AZ home. There are a wide range of different eco-friendly countertop materials that you can pick from, and each material has its own benefits and downsides. Below are three of the top options to consider during your next eco-friendly kitchen upgrade:

3 Top Eco-Friendly Countertop Options

Recycled glass is a popular eco-friendly countertop choice

Recycled glass is a top option for eco-friendly countertops and it can be used to make very beautiful and high quality countertops for your home. The glass is mixed into concrete or resin and then they can be molded to the specific design of your kitchen. The glass can be stained and you can pick from different colors. They are durable and resistant to heat damage, but there are some limitations such as the availability of colors. But, it’s a great way to improve the environment, and there are some high quality recycled glass countertops that can look amazing in your home.


Sustainable woods are popular for eco-friendly countertops

There are several different types of wood that you can use for the countertops in your home, but sustainable woods are best for the environment. Some options include using recycled wood for butcher block countertops or wood from species that have been sustainably harvested. Reclaimed lumber is another eco-friendly wood option, and it can come from old homes, mills, furniture and forests. These antique woods can look very beautiful when fabricated into countertops. You can pick from several different custom designs and textures based on the type of wood that you are interested in using.


Recycled aluminum might work for you

Recycled aluminum countertops (alkemi) have a very nice sleek and modern look, and it offers the same benefits as high end countertop materials. They are usually made from certified post-industrial scrap aluminum, and the metal is mixed with resin in the same way that recycled glass is.

The material is called alkemi and it can be fabricated into countertops and other building materials in the same way that granite and other raw materials are fabricated. It also has the benefit of not having significant amounts of volatile organic compounds, and it is a very unique looking material. There are several choices for colors and textures with alkemi, so be sure to mention this material to your countertop fabricator and check some samples to see if it might work for your Gilbert, AZ home.

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