Kitchen Cabinet Buying Tips

If you need to upgrade the kitchen cabinets in your Gilbert, AZ home there several things to consider ahead of your purchase. Researching the most popular cabinet trends can give you some ideas about the styles, designs and features that might work for your kitchen. If you are incorporating the cabinets into a whole kitchen remodel then you’ll need to be careful to pick the right style that will work for your design. Below are some tips that can help you pick the perfect set of cabinets and avoid making a costly mistake.

Kitchen Cabinet Buying Tips

Certified cabinets can last longer

Cabinets that have been certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association are put under tests that are designed to replicate long term abuse in kitchens. These cabinets are the most resilient to damage and wear and tear, and they can survive exposure to humidity and to extreme temperatures. They can also withstand stains and damage from kitchen condiments like ketchup, coffee, vinegar, fruit juice, and other common food items. They can be a great choice if your home has children or if the kitchen is frequently used for cooking, and they will withstand damage without showing signs of wear. There are types of certified cabinets that you can consider as well.


Custom cabinets can take a while to fabricate

Custom sets can certainly look beautiful in your Gilbert, AZ home, but you should bear in mind that they will usually take time to fabricate. It can take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to fabricate a set, while stock sets are usually ready to purchase right away. There are also semi-custom sets that feature a combination of stock cabinets with customized designs such as different sizes, finishes, and features. Stock sets come with more features than ever before, but you can’t beat the quality and control that you get with custom sets.


Think about adding storage systems

Modern cabinets are designed with storage systems that make life a lot easier. You shouldn’t have to reach deep in your cabinets to look for a pot and scrape your knuckles, or take out every item. Custom storage systems can be built in that are designed for your pots, pans and kitchen tools. These systems will make it easy to access whatever you need when you need it, and it can speed up your cooking time. Storage systems can be installed for pots and pans, and you can even include luxury features like wine racks or china displays.