Popular Alternatives to Granite Countertops

There are several alternatives to granite that you can consider if you need to upgrade the countertops in your Chandler, AZ home. Granite is losing favorability among some because it is becoming a bit cliché, and there are several materials that are just as high in durability and quality that have started to take a share of its popularity. If you want to venture outside of the “safe” choice for your next set of countertops, consider some of these materials that may work very well for your particular needs.

Popular Alternatives to Granite Countertops

Marble can be a great option for some homes

Marble countertops are not for every home; busy homes or homes with children should opt for a stronger material. But if you don’t plan on cooking a lot and want a beautiful stone material, and aesthetics matter to you, marble can be a perfect choice. It does stain and scratch easily, so you’ll need to be very delicate with it to maintain its look. Marble counters will show wear and age gracefully if you take care of it, but it has a unique look and feel that other materials just can’t match. Ask to see a sample from your local fabricator and see for yourself why it might be a good option.


Concrete countertops are increasing in popularity

Concrete is one particular material that offers a similar level of hardness and durability, but it has several advantages. It can be customized with a much wide range of colors because it is manufactured. They can be completely customized for a home, and the customization process is not as expensive as you might think. They can be designed with some nice edge details, and they can be poured to any thickness that you prefer. You can see some samples at your fabricator and you’ll see that the quality is on par with the best natural stone materials.


Soapstone is a unique option

Soapstone is a soft natural stone that is easier to take care of than marble, but still has higher maintenance requirements by granite. It is usually a dark color and it has a unique vintage look and feeling. Cooks love soapstone because it insulates against heat very well. You can pick from natural, oiled and aged soapstone. Aged is the most popular look and it has a charcoal look. This look is achieved by oiling it a few times. Oiled soapstone takes several rounds of oiling to maintain and develop its look.