Questions to Ask Before Picking a Countertop Fabricator

When you are shopping for new countertops for your Chandler, AZ home, you’ll want to take the time to ask your fabricator some questions before you make a final decision. Not every fabricator in the area has the skill, experience and professionalism that is needed to get your countertops finished right the first time. An experienced fabricator will ensure that your countertops are properly fabricated based on your specific guidelines, and they’ll complete the countertops in the timeframe that you expect.

Questions to Ask Before Picking a Countertop Fabricator

Ask about their certifications and experience

You should find out as much as you can about the fabricator’s experience with building countertops and you should see some examples of their past work. A lot of countertop fabricators are members of professional organizations and have industry certifications, both of which are good to know about before you make a purchase. These certifications ensure that the company produces high quality products and will help to guarantee that your countertops are made right. You should also ask if you can tour production facility if you have the time.


Find out about all the materials that they offer

Another important step to take is to talk to them about the different materials that they have to offer. Many fabricators only sell a limited selection of materials, and may not have the specific type of natural stone or synthetic material that you want. Get a full list of sample materials and be sure to view the material in person before you buy it. If eco-friendliness is important to you, find out about which materials are the best for the environment or are sustainable. You should have several options available for materials from any quality fabricator and be able to pick from several pricing points.


Find out about the warranty and repair services

The countertops in your Chandler, AZ home may need a repair on an adjustment in the future after the installation is complete. You should find out what type of warranty and coverage is included with your purchase, if there is any. Warranties can often cover some or all types of damage to the countertop. If you anticipate that your countertops are going to be used very often, your fabricator may be able to add on a repair plan or include it with your purchase. This will allow you to call them at a later date and request a repair if your countertops are ever damaged without having to pay the full cost of the repair. Find out as much as you can about their warranty before you make a final choice.