Remodel Tips to Add Space to a Small Kitchen

Your Gilbert, AZ kitchen is very likely a gathering area for your family as well as a food preparation and storage area. A small kitchen can be undesirable and make it feel congested and difficult to work and live in. Upgrading space efficiency with a kitchen remodel is never a bad idea, and you can get a lot more out of your current kitchen space with just a few upgrades and changes.

Remodel Tips to Add Space to a Small Kitchen

Add ceiling high cabinets with your next kitchen remodel

One way to add a large amount of space to your kitchen is to install ceiling high cabinets. Although it may seem like a no brainer for a small kitchen, many of them are lacking in cabinet space and don’t take advantage of their wall space. Ceiling high cabinets extend the full length of the wall and really capitalize on this space. This gives a homeowner much more storage to work with and can reduce clutter by a large amount. You will be surprised at how much space that this upgrade can add if you haven’t done it already, and you might not even need to add any more storage.


Hang your pots and pans

Another idea to take advantage of wall space is to install a pot and pan rack during your next kitchen remodel. Hang as many pots and pans as you can which will free up plenty of more cabinet space. Using a combination of wall cabinets and pan racks can really give you all the space that you need while keeping your counters clear for food preparation. You can also install a wall rack for knives and utensils which can free up even more counter and cabinet space. Spice racks can also be installed on your walls, just make sure that your walls aren’t overcrowded.


Add an island for storage and seating

If you haven’t done it already, consider adding a kitchen island for more storage and for seating. Kitchen islands offer you additional cooking space, and they add much more utility to your Gilbert, AZ home. A kitchen island doesn’t take much time to install and it’s the perfect space to eat, hang out, and relax for you and your family when you aren’t using it for cooking. Adding storable seating gives you the option of turning your island into another dining area but saves on space. Backless stools can be stored outside of the kitchen and moved back in when needed, and some stools are small enough to be stored in cabinets.