Tips for Planning a Successful Bathroom Remodel

Spend the time to carefully plan out a bathroom remodel project for your Gilbert, AZ home will ensure that the project is finished on time and that you won’t spend more than you expect. The average remodel cost for an upscale project is approximately $26,000 so it is not the type of project that you want to take lightly. Follow these planning tips to ensure that everything as goes smoothly as possible:

Tips for Planning a Successful Bathroom Remodel

Get an estimate for everything upfront

You should get an estimate for every feature that you want to add to your bathroom upfront. That way you’ll know exactly what to expect in terms of cost. Try to hire as few companies as possible for the remodel project because they will be able to give you a more accurate estimate on the total cost of your project. Decide on all of the features that you want to add early on in the process, and don’t make last minute changes unless you want to spend a lot more than you intended.


Focus on quality with the core elements of your bathroom remodel

The main elements of a bathroom remodel project: the fixtures, countertops, and flooring, need to be carefully selected and it’s always a good idea to pick higher quality materials. Remember that the surfaces in your bathroom are going to take a lot of abuse, and higher quality materials are usually more durable and can withstand this extra abuse. For instance, you’ll want to pick a durable countertop material such as granite or quartz, both of which are water resistant with proper sealing. Your flooring should also be water resistant of course, and avoid options that may be pretty but aren’t very functional, such as slippery materials or those that aren’t very water resistant.


Splurge on the shower with your bathroom remodel

Spending more money on the shower for your remodel is never a decision that you’ll regret. A higher quality shower can be much more pleasant and it can add substantial value to your Gilbert, AZ home. It can be one of the best-selling features once your home goes on the market. Have a look at the different shower options and pick a model that has some of the modern features that you might want such as body sprays, rainfall showerheads, or steam generators. If you have the space, consider upgrading the size of your shower as well, which can make your bathroom more spa-like and relaxing.