Choosing the Best Sink Style

As you begin your bathroom remodel in your beautiful Chandler, AZ home, one of the questions you are asking yourself is which type of sink you should get. This probably seems like a simple questions. Sinks are just sinks.


However, sinks play an extremely important role in the bathroom. A main part of the aesthetics as well as the practical uses of the bathroom, the sink needs to look, fit, and work just right. So, choose the right sink style for your needs:

Choosing the Best Sink Style

#1. Choose the Sink Shape for Your Bathroom Remodel

The simple shape of your sink will affect the overall atmosphere in the bathroom. A square sink fits well with modern design, whereas circles and ovals fit with more traditional designs. Keep in mind that the shape of your sink should complement the shape of the tub, the picture frames, and the décor you choose as well.


#2: Identify the Best Sink Material

Porcelain is a classic material for bathroom sinks, but many people choose to use other materials as well. For instance, some people prefer metal or glass sink basins. There are even plastic options. Choose the material that’s right for based on the style of material as well as your maintenance needs.


#3: Find the Best Sink Size                           

Are you going to set up a double sink or a single? Will it be freestanding, or be nestled into a countertop? The answers to these questions will affect the size of the sink you choose. Another factor to consider when selecting your sink size is what the sink will be used for. For example, if you know that you fill cleaning buckets in the bathroom, you need to choose a sink that is deep enough for that job.


#4: Select the Perfect Sink Faucet

Depending on the type of plumbing and water system in your house, your sink faucet options may be limited. Of course, beyond the type of sink faucet you choose, there is also the shape and material to select as well. Tall faucets are great for filling things up, but when paired with small basins, they tend to create a lot of splash-mess. Choose accordingly.


#5: Create a Functional and Attractive Sink Stand

The way your sink is set up will greatly affect the use and appearances of your bathroom. A freestanding sink will create a cleaner appearance, for instance, but will offer you significantly less storage. Most family-friendly bathrooms have sinks nestled in countertops. What you choose for your Chandler, AZ bathroom remodel will of course depend on what’s best for you.