Do You Really Need Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops have been very popular in Gilbert, AZ and in many other parts of the United States because of their many advantages compared to other countertop materials. But, if you are decide on new countertops for your home you may want to consider some of the other options out there as well. Granite countertops are not always the perfect choice for homeowners because other materials may be more suitable. Deciding on whether or not you need granite countertops really comes down to your own preferences, but these tips can help you make a final decision.


There are other very durable countertop materials

You should know that there are quite a few other very durable countertop materials that work just as well as granite. Quartz has become one of the leading alternatives to granite, for example, because it is almost as hard as granite and it looks and feels just like natural stone. It doesn’t have to be sealed on a regular basis like granite so is upkeep is lower. There are also many more patterns and colors available compared to granite because it is engineered, and it is a great option for homeowners who prefer more of a hands off approach.


Marble can be a gorgeous alternative to granite

Many homeowners have opted to install marble countertops instead of granite, but there are several unique features about marble that homeowners have to be aware of. Marble can etch very easily and it is susceptible to spills from lemon juice, acidic sauces, oil, alcohol, etc. It has to be very delicately taken care of and it isn’t really the greatest option for a home with a lot of kitchen usage. However, for homes that don’t use the kitchen as often and want an aesthetically pleasing alternative to granite, marble can be a very effective choice.


Granite doesn’t meet every homeowner’s needs

The simple fact is that granite countertops are not perfect for every homeowner. They do well in a lot of homes because of their advantages like very strong durability, relatively easy maintenance, and their resistance to heat and other types of damage, but it doesn’t mean that other materials can’t offer some of these features and their own unique design charm. Try focusing on both the functionality of the countertop material as well as its design, color and how it will look in your home, and you’ll be more likely to make a good decision for the countertops in your Gilbert, AZ home that you won’t regret.