Most Durable Countertop Materials for Busy Kitchens

As you begin making plans to renovate your Chandler, AZ kitchen, one of the biggest decisions that you will have to make is which type of countertop to use. Necessary for both style and function, it’s important to choose a material that is aesthetically pleasing to you, but also one that can endure plenty of use. The most durable countertop materials you can install in your busy kitchen include the following:

Most Durable Countertop Materials for Busy Kitchens

Stainless Steel

If you have ever visited a professional kitchen or watched a popular cooking show, you’ve probably noticed that the work surfaces are generally made out of stainless steel. There’s a reason for that. Stainless steel is ultra-durable. Able to withstand plenty of movement, heat and cold, the edge of a blade, and much more, stainless steel simply holds up well. Add in that it’s easy to clean and relatively affordable and you’ll understand why stainless steel is a favorite of many serious chefs. Of course, some people find that the material looks bland and sterile. Consider pairing it with modern, sleek décor for a contemporary but still homey style.


One of the most popular materials for residential countertops, granite is probably the material you are most familiar with. Able to endure being scratched or cut and withstanding heat well, granite is a great choice for a busy kitchen. It is also a unique stone that is visually appealing and easy to fit into common kitchen designs. Keep in mind, however, that granite can chip, break, and stain. Regular resealing is required to keep this material up-to-the-task.


Similar to granite, quartz is mineral instead of a stone. It is, however, considered just as strong if not stronger than granite. Quartz has a stone-like appearance that is attractive, too. Known for enduring heat, cuts, and more almost flawlessly, quartz is considered low-maintenance and durable by most. Just be sure that your quartz has rounded corners, as its square edges are vulnerable to chips and breaks.


Increasingly beloved, laminate can be printed to feature a variety of designs so that it can fit in with just about any kitchen décor. As laminate masquerades as stone, steel, wood, or whatever you like, you can also use it in a similar fashion. Laminate can be heated and withstand spills without staining. The one major downside of using this durable material for your countertops is that it is easily cut and damaged. If you choose laminate for your Chandler, AZ kitchen, never cut without having a board in place.