Remodeling to Make Your Kitchen Family Friendly

Planning a kitchen remodel for your Gilbert AZ home can be really exciting. The kitchen is the hub of so much activity in most homes since the kitchen is often a work area, meeting place, hospitality setting, and more. Through your remodel, you have the ability to make your kitchen friendlier for the whole family and more functional overall.

remodeling the kitchen for family

Think About Cleaning First

When several people are living under one roof –especially if some of those people are young- chances are that there will be more messes. Of course, there will also be less time for cleaning. Make the family years easier on yourself and anyone who helps out in the kitchen by making it easy to clean.



  • Stainless appliances
  • Easy to clean surfaces
  • Storage spaces that can be wiped out
  • Floors that can handle spills and traffic
  • A sink that accommodates all those dirty dishes easily


Create Separate “Work” Areas

You need work surfaces in the kitchen for processes like mixing recipes, cutting vegetables, plating, and a whole lot more. Those surfaces need to be available and sanitary. But with kids afoot, you also need space for activities like homework, snacking, and other non-cooking practices. It’s best to have two work areas – one for meal prep and one for family life.


Make Storage Accessible

Even if your kids have no role in the kitchen right now except for chowing down, keep in mind that over the years, your whole family will have their hands all over the kitchen. Whether they are searching for snacks or looking for that fancy bowl right before your guests come over, you’ll want the items that you are storing in the kitchen to be accessible, easy to find, and easy to reorganize as needed.


Open Up to be More Inviting

Since the kitchen is such a busy room in the house and is often used for much more than cooking, you want to create a friendly, inviting atmosphere. Open up your space by transforming walls into half walls and arranging appliances to accommodate foot traffic easily. Look for ways to let more natural light in and to offer seating in the kitchen so that the whole family can relax together. Your family and guests will certainly feel at home in your new, open format kitchen remodel in your Gilbert AZ home.