Tips for Designing Your Dream Bathroom

What room do you rush to clean in your Chandler AZ home before your guests arrive? Your bathroom.

Open for you, your family, and anyone that drops by, your bathroom must be functional, inviting, and easy to keep clean. As you prepare for your bathroom remodel, keep these tips for the ideal bathroom in mind:

Tips for Designing Your Dream Bathroom

Tip 1: Every Surface Should Be Easy To Clean

Why waste time scrubbing the bathroom every time company comes over or you step out of the shower dripping wet? Save yourself the time and energy by including easy to clean surfaces in your bathroom remodel plans. Don’t just think about the floors, either. Your bathroom counters, walls, and ceiling will all need to be wiped down from time to time, and some surfaces are better for quick and easy clean up than others.


Tip 2: Ventilation Matters

Your bathroom is potentially the most unsanitary space in your house. It’s probably small, is often heated with plenty of steam, and encounters lots of germs and unpleasant smells. Proper ventilation can make your bathroom more comfortable and sanitary for you and anyone who uses it. Find out about window, fan, and air circulation options with your remodel.


Tip 3: You Need Dual Storage

Since you need to use the bathroom for purposes like showering, doing your hair, practicing hygiene, and more, you need storage inside. But, chances are that you don’t need every guest or family member to see all of your storage.

At the same time, you need some items to be stored in the open for everyone’s convenience. For example, toilet paper, towels, soap, and air freshener should all be readily accessible to everyone who uses the bathroom at all times. Plan you storage system with these dual purposes in mind.


Tip 4: Accessibility is Key

It can’t be said enough: accessibility is essential. There is little worse than finishing your business on the toilet just to discover that the toilet paper is across the room. Towels that fall down on the floor often are gross. Make the basic functions of the bathroom easy and convenient.


Tip 5: Go with a Theme

Decorating the bathroom to be inviting should be fun. This is a room that your whole family and your guests are going to need to use and be comfortable in, so choose a theme and color scheme that is inviting and that ties in with the rest of your Chandler AZ home.