Top Options for Bathroom Countertops

Your bathroom is one of the important rooms in your Gilbert, AZ home and if you are considering a bathroom remodel, you should try to pick the highest quality countertops that are available within your budget. Keep both style and functionality in mind when choosing your countertop material choice. This way your bathroom’s countertops will be easy to maintain and also visually appealing. Talk to a designer or a remodeling company to get feedback on your ideas for materials and suggestions. Below are some of the top options to consider for your countertops if you are planning out a bathroom remodel.

bathroom countertop options


Your bathroom countertops probably get wet fairly often. Tile is a material that can easily withstand moisture, plus it’s really easy to clean. You can clean toothpaste, water, and any number of other common bathroom products off of tile quickly and seamlessly. Tile is also difficult to stain and very sturdy, making it extra-convenient. A versatile material, tile is also found in a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns so it can fit into any design.


Most people think of granite as a popular material for kitchen countertops, but it also works well in the bathroom. Easy to clean and able to withstand water and heat, granite can withstand stream and water spills. Granite is not easily damaged either, which can be important if your bathroom is used frequently. Available in many colors with unique patterns, granite can be used in both casual and upscale design schemes.


A solid countertop is made out of a material like quartz that is hard to permeate. As a result, it is not really affected by water and is super easy to clean. Long-lasting with little to no maintenance, you can count on having a solid surface in your bathroom for years. If it does get scratched, solid surfaces are easily buffed to be smooth again. They can also endure the heat of a steamy shower or a hot styling utensil.


Designed to suit whatever your style preferences are, laminate can mimic the look of a wide variety of materials to match your tastes. Fashioned to endure heat like other materials, laminate isn’t affected by the temperature in a bathroom or by the items you might place on it. It is smooth and low-maintenance too, so you can quickly wipe water and other messes off of it before your guests stop in to see your new Gilbert, AZ bathroom remodel.