Exciting Kitchen Ideas You’ve Never Even Heard Of

As you plan your Chandler, AZ home’s kitchen remodel, you are probably trying to figure out how to make the most of your space and make your kitchen even more functional. You’ve probably thought of adding more storage and even upgrading your appliances. But here’s what you probably haven’t thought of: modern kitchen products.


There are tons of cool kitchen ideas that you probably haven’t even heard of. Previously reserved for commercial settings or luxury designs, these fantastic kitchen products are more affordable now and are a worthwhile investment for many people.


Consider adding these 6 kitchen ideas to your remodel plans:


Built-In Appliances

To provide more storage space and take up less floor area, it is currently popular to have your appliances built into shelving (or even the wall.) Built in appliances end up saving your counter space and making floor to ceiling storage more attractive.


Induction Cooktops

With an oven built into the wall or cabinetry, you’ll need a stovetop elsewhere. Many people are installing induction cooktops on their countertops as a solution. Taking up and wasting less space than traditional stovetops, induction cooktops are more convenient. With modern technology, induction cooktops are also more precise.


Warming Drawers

Placing food in the microwave wrapped up tight in order to keep it warm is no longer in fashion. It’s much easier to simply put prepared, hot dishes into warming drawers. Located anywhere in your kitchen cabinetry or designed as a part of the oven, warming drawers are available in a wide variety.


Pot Fillers

Imagine if you didn’t have to lift that huge pot of water in and out of the sink, carefully maneuvering around the faucet after clearing out dishes. You don’t have to. Pot fillers are little faucets that swing out from the wall and fill your pots without taking up sink space.


Roll-Out Shelves

Rather than tediously lifting your plates out the cupboard from above your head, place them on a rollout shelf in your cabinetry. Roll-out shelving is similar to a drawer, but much more convenient. You can use it for everything from your pantry to your china storage.


Hidden Cutting Boards

Simple but smart, cutting boards installed into the countertop or just beneath it are really convenient. Place the hidden cutting boards as near as you can to the trash or garbage disposal when you design your Chandler, AZ kitchen remodel.

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