How to Prep for a Kitchen Remodel

It’s exciting to get a kitchen remodel for in your Chandler, AZ. However, kitchen remodels, like any remodels, can be a lot of work. There’s the tearing apart of old furniture and removal of appliances, the installation of all the new, and the redecorating process to look forward to. However, there is also a ton of work that must go into preparing for all of that.


Here’s how you can best prepare for your kitchen remodel:

How to Prep for a Kitchen Remodel

Remove Everything Even Remotely Fragile

Even if the remodel is only around the appliances in your kitchen, it’s a good idea to remove everything that could easily be broken. Remodels involve construction and often include moving around heavy appliances of equipment. These processes can shake and rattle the whole room, putting anything you have that is fragile at risk.


Besides your fine china, be sure to remove:


-Kitchen Equipment with Small Moving Parts


-Fine Servingware

-Baking Stones


Many people pack precious items like these into storage boxes temporarily during their remodel. If you have space in your home, you could also just set them up elsewhere in stacks or another set of cupboards and shelves.


Create a Makeshift Kitchen Elsewhere

In most cases, kitchen remodels don’t allow for much cooking to be done. You’ll need to be able to feed yourself and your family in another room. Many people move a fridge and microwave into a different space and plan meals that can stored and cooked using those two appliances. You might also try using a camping grill for cooking.


Clean Out Your Refrigerator and Cupboards If They Will Be Inaccessible

If you aren’t sure how much space the contractor remodeling the kitchen will take up (or what sort of mess he or she will make) plan as if you might not have access to the food in your kitchen –including the foods in your fridge or cupboards that might spoil. Clean them out ahead of time to avoid odors later.


Seal Off Storage Spaces That Aren’t Being Packed Away

For a kitchen remodel in a Chandler, AZ home that might require any sort of drywall repair, painting, or other construction-based changes, seal off your cupboards and shelves. Those storage areas may not seem like they will be affected, but construction process produce dust. You don’t want that food getting on your pots and pans or food, so protect it ahead of time.