Popular Cabinet Types for the Modern Kitchen

If you are hoping to upgrade your Gilbert, AZ kitchen to be more modern, then one of the first things you need to consider is the style you are seeking to achieve. Modern design features a wide variety of interesting styles, and many elements of your kitchen factor in. Your appliances and countertops make a difference, for instance. Your cabinets will really pull the design together though, so choose wisely.


Consider these popular types of kitchen cabinets:


Open Frame Cabinets

With the clean, sharp angles that are characteristic of modern design, open frame cabinets don’t have full door or walls. Rather, they are basically shelves that support your countertops. Convenient for access, open frame cabinets are popular. However, they are not favored by those who tend to be messy and don’t like all of their utensils and cooking equipment left out in the open.


Glass Door Cabinets

Concealing a little more than an open frame set of cabinets would, cabinets made with glass doors give a stylish peek into your cupboards without baring all. The glass can be set into a variety of types of cabinetry materials, including metal or wood. Creating a sophisticated appearance, glass is especially elegant when frosted, colored, or patterned.


Full-Color Cabinets

Typically made out of wood and painted, cabinetry that is colorful is increasingly popular as well. Many modern designs feature a few complementary colors, many of which are bright, in the same room. Your cabinetry can be painted to look new, fresh, and perfectly contemporary. Try painting one line of cabinetry one color and then next set another for extra visual intrigue.


Traditional Wooden Cabinets

Modern design still holds to some traditions. Many people still love traditional wooden cabinetry because the look is timeless. With visible wood grain and multiple types of stains available in a variety of colors, cabinets made in a traditional design can easily be paired with more modern counterparts, like granite countertops or stainless steel appliances in order to create a more current look.


Stainless Steel Cabinets

One of the favored materials of modern design, stainless steel is sleek and attractive in a kitchen. Often, stainless steel cabinetry is incorporated with other materials to give more texture and variety. The material is known for being easy to clean as well, which is a bonus for cabinets that contain food.