Staples of a Modern Kitchen

Are you thinking about upgrading your Gilbert, AZ home? Maybe you are planning to sell in the next few years and want to make sure that your house is up to par with the modern trends. Either way, you should know that the kitchen design, like whether or not you have granite countertops, is one of the most important traits of your home.


A room now seen by guests, used as a common gathering space for family, and enjoyed for functional purposes by all, your kitchen is a highlight. Treat it like one. Be sure to incorporate these 5 staples of a modern kitchen into your design:

modern kitchen


Even historic homes have largely had dishwashers installed in them. Few people are handwashing their dishes these days, so adding a dishwasher (or upgrading it) is a wise investment for your own schedule and for any potential buyers’ needs.


Hanging Lights

Having a well-lit kitchen is a modern trend that is here to stay. With all of the different activities performed in the kitchen, convenient and diversified lighting is helpful and expected. Many modern kitchens utilize hanging lights in a variety of styles to add attraction to the style and to allow people more control over which parts of the kitchen are lit and when.


Bright Colors

Since the modern kitchen is as much about style as it is function, it’s no surprise that more contemporary designs are anything but dull. Paint the walls one or more bright colors. Or, try for a trendy reverse and paint the cabinets brightly while coloring the walls white, black, or another color typically used for cabinetry.


Breakfast Bar

The modern person is all about convenience because of how busy life is. A breakfast bar both symbolically and functionally represents this trend. Fit a breakfast bar into your countertop design and choose unique, attractive stools to make it stand out.


Granite Countertops

If you want your home to impress guests or potential buyers, then you need granite countertops. By far the trendiest and most common material for countertops, granite offers many advantages. For instance, granite is:


-Easy to clean


-Durable and long-lasting

-Available in different colors and styles

-Complimentary to a wide variety of other design schemes


Your kitchen simply isn’t modern without granite. Make installing granite countertops one of your top priorities for your Gilbert, AZ home.