Tips for Cooking While Your Kitchen Is Under Construction

Here is the good news: your Chandler, AZ kitchen remodel will result in a beautiful, updated room in your home. The bad news? You still have to eat while the remodel is taking place! Many homeowners find that extensive remodels take up quite a bit of time, sometimes even weeks. During that time, eating out every night doesn’t sound appetizing or feasible.


So, cook instead! You can cook without having full access to your whole kitchen. Just use these tips:


Stick with Cold Dishes

Your refrigerator is an appliance that you will need access to no matter what. Many people move their fridge or purchase a mini fridge to use elsewhere in the home during lengthy kitchen remodels. Plan some cold meals so that the fridge is all you need. Prepare for plenty of sandwiches and salads, for example.


Use Your Outdoor Grill

Whether it is summer time of not, chances are that you can use your grill even if it isn’t entirely convenient. Use your grill to cook up some veggies or steak. You can even grill a “baked” potato if you want to. Grilled meals are much better for you than many restaurant dishes and they require very little equipment during preparation.


Combine the Power of an Indoor Grill and Special Appliances

Chances are that you have at least a couple of types of special cooking appliances. If you have any appliances like the following, then there are many meals you can make without full use of your kitchen. Use:


-A waffle maker

-A griddle

-A quesadilla maker

-A deep fryer

-A rice cooker

-A slow cooker


For extra cooking power, use an indoor grill with a skillet or to boil water to cook other parts of the meal. Combining two special types of cooking ware for one meal can allow you to add more variety to your makeshift meals. For example, use a waffle maker to make traditional waffles and a deep fryer for fried chicken. Pair the two for a classic chicken and waffles dinner.


Pre-Plan Frozen Meals to Reheat

Move your microwave to someplace accessible before your Chandler, AZ kitchen remodel begins. Prepare a few frozen meals ahead of time as well. Lasagna, casserole, and soups are all examples of meals that are easy to make ahead and freeze. Just thaw and then reheat in your microwave for easy dinners.