Tips for Saving Counter Space

What’s one of the most valuable things in your Gilbert, AZ kitchen? Probably more than your nice stove or your best serving ware, your granite countertops are highly prized. Used for studying, paying the bills, propping you up for conversations, preparing food, creating a buffet, and so much more, your counter tops provide a space in the kitchen that is absolutely essential.


Unfortunately, many people find that their counter space is often overrun with other stuff. If your counter tops aren’t as functional as you want (or need) them to be, try using these tips for saving counter space:

Tips for Saving Counter Space

Tip #1: Remove the Non-Essentials

There are some items that ought to be on the countertops. For instance, you should probably keep a toaster oven on the counter if you use it regularly. Many people also keep a jar that holds everyday cooking utensils, like large wooden spoons.


Not all of the items on your counters really have to be there though. Some of the most common items that take up counter space unnecessarily, however, include:


-Paperwork like mail or bills

-Canisters of cooking ingredients

-The Microwave

-Holders for Napkins

-Dish Drying Racks

-Food Items


All of these items could easily find homes elsewhere in your kitchen or in your house. Some could replaced entirely, like the dish rack since foldable mats are no available for the same purpose.


Tip #2: Hang Things You Don’t Know What to Do With

Many kitchens have plenty of storage space on the walls or cabinet doors that isn’t being used. Hanging items up instead of leaving them on the countertops can free up some space. For instance, mount the microwave in the cabinetry. Place a rack of the wall to keep your mail and bills in.


Tip #3: Place Shelves Nearby

Counters catch a lot of junk and stuff just because they are so convenient. If you want to keep items currently on your countertops easily accessible, add open shelving nearby. Items like your bread basket or napkin holder can easily be moved there and remain just as convenient.


Tip #4: Create a System

Often, even if you have the correct storage set up in order to keep your granite countertops clear, your Gilbert, AZ kitchen counter space is overrun anyway. The only real solution is to create a system, like a nightly clean up after dinner, in which everyone removes items that don’t belong on the counter.