5 Things Your Kitchen Can Do Without

As your Chandler, AZ kitchen remodel sounds less like a far off dream and more like a reality, it’s time to think over your remodeling plans. Many people know what they want to add into their kitchen during the remodel. Few people, on the other hand, consider that without expanding the area, some parts of the kitchen will have to go to make room for the new.


Fortunately, there are parts of your kitchen that you really can do without. For example, as a part of your kitchen remodel, get rid of:

  1. Empty Wall Space


Gone are the days of bare, sterile kitchens. Modern kitchens are full of colors, items, and striking design. No space needs to be bare. That includes the walls. You kitchen walls are there for more than supporting the structure of the house. Use them to storage and display spices, cooking equipment, menus, interesting art, and more. Indoor walls can even hold built-in appliances.


  1. Wasted Space


Again, the modern kitchen is all about using up every bit of space wisely. During the remodel, have custom cabinets made to extend into empty spaces that aren’t used otherwise. Fill in gaps with custom spaces for cutting boards and more.


  1. Non-Pantry Closets


Unless your kitchen is the main entrance for your home, (in which case, you need to remodel a foyer or living room) you should not have closets in the kitchen that are used for anything but kitchen storage. Cleaning products, coats, bills, and other products don’t need to take up your valuable kitchen space. As a part of your remodel, have closets refit to serve as pantries or to be opened up to create more space in the kitchen itself.


  1. Unused or Infrequently Used Appliances


Many people have at least one appliance out in their kitchen that is never or rarely used. Rather than waste the space, creating a nearby niche for these items if you want to keep them. Otherwise, get rid of them and repurpose the area as a part of your new kitchen design.


  1. Poor Lighting


There is no excuse for having poor lighting in your new kitchen remodel in Chandler, AZ. Lighting should be adjusted during the remodel in order ensure that the newly decorated and refreshed space can truly be enjoyed and used functionally. Look for hanging light fixtures, especially.