All about Lighting in the Bathroom

One of the most overlooked parts of most homes when it comes time to update, a bathroom remodel is often last on the list. Treat your Gilbert, AZ bathroom differently. Plan a remodel for the abode because, when you think about it, that’s a really important room.


Your bathroom is used by everyone. You spend a lot of time in there. Every time guests come over, there’s a chance they’ll visit the restroom too. Making your bathroom really nice is a great idea! One of the best and easiest ways to give it some new life is to change the lighting.


Use Shades and Structures

A common design flaw in many bathrooms is to let the lighting be bare. Stark bulbs screwed into open sockets above the mirrors just looks sterile and bland. Plus, the light glares out all over and isn’t very attractive.


Find light fixtures that have angles and curves. Use lamp shades of some variety, like glass or ceramic ones. Add color to the design through the fixtures or shades to give the room more texture and visual intrigue as well.


Place Lights Strategically

Unless it is midnight and you have a nightlight on, a dimly lit bathroom seems creepy. You need light to be able to see what you’re doing there. Adequate lighting in the shower and in front of the mirror are especially important for safety reasons and for practical purposes.


At the same time, a very bright bathroom can seem sterile and show off every little bit of mess. So, place light strategically. Be sure to have one that shines into the show and another that can illuminate the mirror well. Include a general light fixture for basic use, too.


Choose Yellow Bulbs over White Ones

Since bathrooms are usually small and don’t have many open, exposed windows (if any at all), it’s wise to choose yellow light bulbs for a soft glow instead of bright white ones. The brightness in the confined space seems sterile and like it is overcompensating. A soft yellow, on the other hand, illuminates tastefully.


Add a Heating Lamp For Luxury

If you can, install a heat lamp when you complete your bathroom remodel. Every time you take a shower in your Gilbert, AZ home, you’ll feel like you’re living in luxury as you step out into a warm place to dry off.