How a Kitchen Upgrade Adds Value to Your Home

As you begin thinking about selling or updating your Chandler, AZ home, your kitchen is probably put at the top of your list of priorities. One of the most used and loved rooms in most homes, the kitchen is important and is often worn down the most over the years. Is a kitchen remodel really worth it, though?

How a Kitchen Upgrade Adds Value to Your Home

4 reasons why a kitchen remodel is worth the cost:


  1. New Appliances Means Savings


The upfront cost of a kitchen remodel can definitely be expensive. Getting all new appliances, for instance, really adds up even if you get a good deal. However, those new appliances can help pay for themselves in several ways.


For one, new appliances are much less likely to break down or malfunction. That means saving on repairs and maintenance. Newer models are also designed to be increasingly energy efficient, which reduces your energy bill and your environmental impact. Add in the resale value of your home with new appliances included and you’ll save big.


  1. Outdated Kitchens Can be a Health Issue


Between your old appliances and well-loved countertops and cabinets, there are a few health hazards hiding around most outdated kitchens. Even kitchens that are well-cared for and are cleaned often can harbor bacteria and dirt after so many years of use.


If the walls have to be moved or altered at all, there is also the chance to replace insulation and clean out the insides of your walls. That’s a great idea because kitchen walls often have mice and other creatures inside at times.


  1. Future Buyers Will Look at the Kitchen First


When your house is sold, whether in the next few weeks or not for several years, you can be sure that the more updated your kitchen is, the better the price will be. Kitchens are often one of the first rooms shown to prospective buyers and many people determine the kitchen to be a major factor in determining whether or not to buy a house.


  1. Your Kitchen Defines your Home’s Style


Ultimately, your kitchen plays a major role in defining your home’s atmosphere. Your whole family and many of your guests will spend time in there. Its function is essential to everyday life and it often doubles as a gathering place. When you have a kitchen remodel in your Chandler, AZ home, your set the tone for your style.