Making the Most of Your Cabinet Space

When asked what the best part of your Chandler, AZ kitchen is, what would you say? Many people would think of the décor or a particular appliance first. However, if those were taken away or downgraded, the kitchen would still be functional and practical. One thing that a kitchen’s worth and usability is always decreased by is a lack of storage space and cabinets.


You need lots of room for storage in the kitchen. Most of your storage should be in enclosed cabinetry. Make the most of it.

Making the Most of Your Cabinet Space

Tip #1: Keep Most-Used Items Out of Cabinets

Storage, by its nature, is for storing items that aren’t in use. Items that are constantly in use don’t really need to be stashed away in cabinets all of the time. Use a decorative pot or jar to hold your most commonly used cooking utensils. Keep your most used cutting board on the counter. You will save cabinet space and make quick cooking easier.


Tip #2: Use the Cabinet Doors

Hanging items on the inside of cabinet doors also helps to save space and keep your storage space organized. Hang lids, covers, and even utensils on the backs the doors. You can also install towel racks and pot holder clips to reduce clutter and improve ease of access to such important items.


Tip #3: Add Cabinet Organizers

Some cabinets are difficult to keep clean and tidy. For instance, your spice cabinet has lots of little bottles and jars. Add a spinning or hanging spice rack to keep things in order. You might also add a lazy Susan or a tier of smaller shelves as needed as well.


Tip #4: Build Custom Cabinets

There’s no need for extensive open wall space in a kitchen. Every crevasse and small bit of space can have a custom cabinet built for it. You’ll find uses for those cabinets, even if they are odd sizes and shapes. For example, narrow cabinets can be used for storing cutting boards or baking trays neatly.


Tip #5: Spread Up Instead of Out

Many people make the mistake of trying to add cabinets with counters. Although counter space is important, it is able to be cleaned and used for multiple purposes easily. Cabinets are mostly just for essential storage. Most people need much more cabinetry than storage space. Build new cabinets extending to the ceiling of your Chandler, AZ home.