Signs You Need to Remodel Your Kitchen

Thinking about upgrading your Gilbert, AZ home? Making renovations to your home can be a great idea, adding value to your daily living and to your home for future selling points.


The question many people ask when considering a kitchen remodel is: when? There are a few ways to know that it is time for your long-awaited remodel. Some of the most common signs that you need a kitchen remodel include:

Some of the most common signs that you need a kitchen remodel include-

Sign #1: Your Appliances Are Failing

When a major appliance needs to be replaced, you will probably have to put work into switching it out. Plus, when you switch it out, it will look odd if you have just one appliance looking new and the rest are outdated. Many people choose to replace all of their appliances as a part of a kitchen remodel once one of them fails. Although costly, the investment often pays off.


Sign #2: Your Countertop Is Worn Out

If the seal on your countertop has worn down, then you may be preparing food on a germ-filled, unsafe surface. Counters with cracks, dents, chips, and other parts of wear and tear may also be unsanitary. It’s best to have them replaced. The easiest time to replace countertops is when the kitchen is being remodeled anyway.


Sign #3: You Have New Kitchen Needs

Sometimes remodels are required as a result of changing needs in the home. For instance, if a family grows from 2 to 5 members, you might need more eating or storage space. You might also want kid-friendly cabinetry and surfaces. Make the appropriate changes through a remodel.


Sign #4: You Have a Plumbing or Electrical Issue

As with any room in the house, the kitchen can have issues with rodents, termites, plumbing, electrical, and many other damages and breaks. When this happens, walls may have to be opened up and cabinets may have to moved or removed (along with appliances.) Rather than having that sort of chaos twice, add your remodel in and get the mess over with.


Sign #5: You Plan to Move In the Next Couple of Years

Although you love your Gilbert, AZ home, you might plan to move soon. If you might move within 2-5 years, it’s time for a kitchen remodel. Future home-buyers will look for a recently upgraded modern kitchen. Provide it –and get your own use out of it, too.

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