Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you think about how many items must be stored in the kitchen, it can be mind-blowing. Your Gilbert, AZ kitchen provides storage for dry goods, cold foods, all of your dishes for eating, kitchen utensils and equipment, and probably some basic household goods, too. Most of your kitchen storage space is likely in your cabinets.


To keep your kitchen running smoothly and efficiently, it is best to organize your cabinets well. Use these tips:

Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Tip #1: Store Heavy Items at Chest Level


When you think of dangers in the kitchen, you probably think of the sharp knives and hot stove. Trying to lift and move heavy items in and out of storage is also a very real danger, though. Many people (and glass dishes) are injured when trying to pull out big, heavy pots and equipment. Store heavy, clunky items as close to your chest level as possible. If that isn’t an option, choose a lower cabinet to minimize cascading.


Tip #2: Think Size Not Just Purpose


As you plan to put items away in your kitchen, don’t fill a cabinet with your nicest dinnerware and nothing else. Sort by size as much as possible instead. You’ll be able to fit more if you mix sets of plates because plates naturally nestle together.


Tip #3: Nestle Everything You Can


Speaking of nestling, take advantage of the opportunity whenever you can. Items that can nestle inside of each other offer several advantages. For example, nestling items can take up less space and often will make it easier to find sets of items when you look for them. Some nestling items can be used as baskets as well for extra organized storage.


Tip #4: Optimize the Ability to Hang Things


You only have so much storage space in your kitchen. Most of it involves shelves and drawers. But there is another part of cabinetry that many people overlook: doors. The doors to your cabinets (and the ceilings) allow you to hang a variety of items in order to provide more space and create a more obvious order.


Try hanging cooking utensils inside a cabinet door near the stove. You can also hand a bar inside a cabinet for a hanging space for bottles and more. Magnetic strips are frequently adhered to spice and herb canisters and the backs of Gilbert, AZ cabinet doors, too.