4 Blogs on Granite Countertops That You Have To Read

We’ve published quite a few blogs on the topic of granite countertops. In fact, we’ve published so many on granite countertops that we curated our most popular ones and collected them right here.

Learn everything you need to know about granite countertops, why Gilbert residents choose them over any other countertop material, and how to make sure they last throughout the lifetime of your home.

#1 – Engineered Countertops vs Granite

Choosing the right materials for your Gilbert kitchen remodel can be tough. You’ve got the cabinets, the flooring, and the countertops to consider. That’s not even including the appliances, sink and faucets. While we always recommend granite countertops, there are many other materials that can be used to get the job done.



#2 – Quartz vs Granite Countertops

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Granite and quartz have become popular material choices for new countertops in Chandler, AZ homes because of the quality, durability and wide range of attractive textures and designs available. Granite is an obvious choice for many luxury kitchens and bathrooms with its excellent durability and wide appeal, while quartz has increased in popularity in recent years for several reasons including its versatility and other features. If you are deciding between quartz and granite countertops, this article can help you make a final decision based on what matters the most to you.



#3 – How to Keep Granite Countertops Clean and Food Safe

any people in Gilbert, AZ enjoy their granite countertops. With unique, natural patterns and hard, smooth surfaces, granite countertops easily fit into the design of many homes. They are known for being easy and safe to use. Granite is also a popular countertop material because it doesn’t require much maintenance. However, granite does require some maintenance.



#4 – The 5 Most Common Granite Countertop Install Mistakes


For your next Gilbert kitchen-remodeling project you might decide to install granite countertops. If it is your first time managing a Gilbert kitchen-remodeling project you will want to avoid some common mistakes when picking your granite countertops.



There you have it! Our 4 most popular blogs on granite countertops!

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