Tips on Making Your Kitchen Functional For Halloween

Once the fall arrives, it seems as though the parade of holidays makes for endless activity around the home. From family dinners for Thanksgiving to the decorative elements of a tree and stockings for Christmas, the holidays are busy.

And it all kicks off with Halloween…

Tips on Making Your Kitchen Functional For Halloween

These days, more than ever, Halloween has become a full-on celebration, with activities towards the big day including everything from baking and concocting sweet treats to fall-inspired parties around the holiday. However, with so much activity, you might wonder how to keep your home functional while you are enjoying so many festivities.

Short of stuffing your Arizona cabinets with party items and making stacks in the corner of everything you need for each celebration, it may seem as though your home will spin quickly out of control during the holiday season.

Consider a few tips on making your kitchen, in particular, as functional as possible during the Halloween celebrations you may be planning with family and friends.

  • Allocate an area for your holiday items: It is best to keep a specific area, such as certain Arizona cabinets, for your decorative items to be stored or even displayed. Not only does it seem like overload if you have Halloween decorations everywhere in the kitchen, but it can make it hard to actually use your Arizona cabinets and countertops if you have holiday stuff all over the place. Allocate just one or two areas of your kitchen for Halloween and leave the rest as is for optimal functionality.
  • Decorate with an eye towards functionality: This is key because while hanging ghosts might look cool everywhere, it won’t seem that way as you are trying to make your way through said ghouls on a daily basis to cook dinner or make lunches. When you decorate, do so in a way that keeps in mind the fact that you have to use this space daily and your family needs to be able to use the various areas and components of the kitchen with ease. Make sure that the décor doesn’t interfere with your ability to do so, while still maintaining a festive look.
  • Avoid putting everything in one room of the house: Yes, the kitchen might be the area that you use the most, but that doesn’t mean that you want to put every Halloween decoration you own in this room. In fact, spreading it out not only ensures that your decorations look better, but it makes it easier to continue to use your kitchen as well. After all, if you are putting decorations on and in your Arizona cabinets and scattering the countertops with decorative trinkets, then you might find it more challenging when you need to store those items that actually go in your kitchen. Avoid this by spreading out your decorations around the house, to make the festive look a bit more balanced.
  • Bring in extra storage as needed: If your kitchen is spacious enough to accommodate some extra storage, then consider bringing it in with actual storage elements. For instance, bins stacked in a corner of the kitchen looks much neater than overstuffed Arizona cabinets and a cluttered looking kitchen. The better storage you have for your decorations if you must keep them in your kitchen, the more organized your kitchen will look while you still have your decorative elements at your disposal. If you can’t stack in a corner, then you might consider using the lower Arizona cabinets to keep items since you are less likely to open these cabinets on a daily basis versus your higher cabinets, which you likely use more often.

The more you can do to keep your kitchen in particular as functional as possible in the midst of all of your celebratory activities, the easier it will be for you to stay organized while having fun.

If you aren’t organized, you can end up with overflowing Arizona cabinets and a kitchen that is hardly a place to celebrate, much less incorporate activities of daily living that are generally carried out in the kitchen space. Because of the importance of this room of the home, be considerate about how you use the space to avoid issues through the holiday season.