Tips to Increase Kitchen Space

A Gilbert kitchen remodeling project can greatly improve the functionality and appearance of a kitchen as well as increase its space. Getting the most space out of a kitchen only requires a bit of creativity.

Kitchens often have free space that is overlooked; for instance, corner spaces are often left unused and can be converted into storage areas as a part of a Gilbert kitchen remodeling project.

kitchen space

Kitchen Islands

Modern Gilbert kitchen remodeling projects combine the elements of the dining room with the kitchen space. Kitchen islands fit perfectly into this recent kitchen design trend while adding more functional space in a kitchen.

A kitchen island is a great area for prep work and can also double as an eating area. Islands also have storage space that can free up cabinets and counter areas. If a large kitchen does not have an island, adding one is a great idea for a Gilbert kitchen remodeling project.

A kitchen island can be adjusted for each unique Gilbert kitchen remodeling project so that it is incorporated naturally into the overall design.



For smaller Gilbert kitchen remodeling projects, items that are normally stored on the kitchen counter can be moved up to the walls. Racks can be used in a Gilbert kitchen remodeling design to increase the available counter space.

A knife rack can reduce the need to store knives in a block on the counter. Hanging racks can also be used to store and display pots and pans and save valuable cabinet space.

The sink is one area that can take up a lot of space in a small kitchen. The kitchen sink can double up as a small food prep area if a custom cutting board is constructed that fits perfectly over the sink.


Kitchen Carts

A portable kitchen cart can also be incorporated into a Gilbert kitchen remodeling design for kitchens with limited spaces. A kitchen cart can work in a smaller kitchen as a mobile kitchen island.

The cart can be used as needed during prep work and can be moved in and out of the kitchen as needed. It can be custom designed or purchased to match the décor and look of a particular kitchen.

It can also be combined with bar stools as a mobile seating area for guests. There are many other creative ways to save space in a Gilbert kitchen remodeling project, and incorporating just a few of them can make a kitchen feel much more open.