Holiday Decorating – Tips For Kitchen Inspiration

Many Gilbert, Arizona homeowners choose to decorate their kitchen for the holidays to make their home more festive and welcoming for their family and guests. This season you can give your kitchen a holiday spirit with a few decoration tips and ideas.


Decorate the lighting in your Gilbert kitchen

String sparkling lights in your kitchen on top of the entrance way or windows, and if you have a chandelier in your kitchen you can hang ribbons from it. You can also use candles to give your Gilbert kitchen some festive lighting, but be sure to use them in locations where they won’t be tipped over easily.


Change the color scheme of your Gilbert kitchen

Change the color scheme in your Gilbert kitchen to include more red green and white for a holiday inspired look. You can purchase red berry decorations and evergreen bouquets to add some red and green into your kitchen. You can also use red and white appliances and utensils to add more red and white to your Gilbert kitchen color scheme.


Decorate your Gilbert kitchen windows

Your Gilbert kitchen windows can be a great place to add some holiday décor. You can attach ribbons to the top of your windows and hang ornaments from the ribbons, or you can add a pot of seasonable flowers to the windowsill. Place a Christmas tree sapling on your Gilbert kitchen windowsill, or a more common idea is to hang a small wreath directly on the window.


Decorate your Gilbert kitchen countertops

Place some jars filled with holiday cookies, nuts and fruit on your Gilbert kitchen countertops and use holiday decorative containers if you have them. You can also place pots of seasonal flowers or rosemary trees on your countertops. Use red or white appliances to match your kitchen’s holiday color theme.


Decorate your kitchen table with holiday décor

Your kitchen table is one of the best places to add plenty of holiday décor and you can place candles on your kitchen table along with red napkins and placemats and artificial poinsettia or winter berries. Wreaths or stockings can be hung from the back of your kitchen table chairs or you can swap out your chair cushions for holiday themed chair cushions if you have them. If you have holiday themed plates and cookware you should be sure to swap those in as well.