Kitchen Remodel Mistakes to Avoid This Holiday Season

The Problem: Kitchen remodel mistakes are easy to make, and are made often.

The Solution: Hiring an expert to help with design ideas can make all the difference.


A kitchen remodel, especially during the holidays, can be overwhelming. Between running around making the usual holiday rounds, to deciding which countertop pattern to use, it’s enough to make a person go a little crazy.

However, if you have the right professional on your side, working through the remodel and design ideas, helping you to avoid disaster and common remodeling mistakes, this holiday kitchen remodel will be the greatest Christmas present you’ve ever given yourself!

Mistake Number 1: Identity Crisis

Most homes in Gilbert and the East Valley are built with a particular theme in mind. Whether it’s Tuscan or Modern, Crafty or Ranch Style, every Gilbert home has a style…

…even if it’s subtle.

A kitchen remodel that ignores the subtle, inherent style of your home will go horribly wrong.

That’s why you need an expert who understands the inherent style of your home and can work with that style and also give you exactly what you want.

Mistake Number 2: Plumbing

Often times during a Gilbert kitchen remodel, the homeowner wants to rearrange all of the plumbing and appliances.

Here’s the thing…

…there are some instances where rearranging appliances and plumbing makes sense. Perhaps the kitchen was not designed with functionality in mind and the fridge door hits the cabinets every time you open it…or the dishwasher is too close to the eat-in table.

In those instances, yes, a rearranging of appliances and plumbing might be necessary.

However, in most situations we suggest leaving the plumbing where it is.

Mistake Number 3: Ignoring Hardware

Many times, it’s the hardware that makes all the difference. It’s that final piece, or pieces, that pulls the entire kitchen remodel together.

But, of course, this final piece is often ignore to ‘save money.’

Trust us, in the long run it won’t save you enough to overcome what your kitchen is missing without unique hardware.