Must Have Kitchen Additions for 2016

If I asked you which room in your home was the most popular, most visited and most enjoyed by friends and family, you’d probably say, “why the kitchen, of course.”

For Gilbert families, the kitchen is the gathering place for all things wonderful. Even on movie nights, it all starts in the kitchen.

must have

From birthday parties to football parties, family dinners and after-school snacks, the kitchen is the single room in your home where everyone gathers at all hours of the day.

So, you want your kitchen to be as functional as possible…

Try these additions to spice up your kitchen:

Desk shelf. While the once popular large-scale kitchen office is going the way of the landline, there will be times when you want a place to sit a spell and plan your menus or pay your bills. Yet another kitchen pullout, the desk shelf, is purpose-built for exactly this function.

Smart stove. Multitasking just got a lot easier. Synch a smart stove to your phone to search for tasty recipes that make use of ingredients you have on hand, then cook according to the specified time and temperature.

Hands-free faucet. Here’s another smart kitchen feature. The hands-free faucet turns on automatically when you place your hands under the spout. This no-touch fixture is fantastic when your fingers are goopy from kneading dough or cutting up a chicken.

Soft close kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. Today’s open plan homes have an attractively airy flow to them. But along with that comes an increase in the NOISE LEVEL!! Quiet things down with soft close cabinet doors and drawers. These will also extend the life of your cabinets by reducing the impact of constant slamming and eliminate the risk of pinched fingers to boot.

Plate rack. Take today’s trendy open shelving concept one step further into the future with plate racks that will organize your plates, glasses, and cutlery. Europeans have used these for years as dish dryers, but they are also perfect for display. Made out of stainless steel, plate racks add a dash of industrial chic to your kitchen.

Charging stations. Traditionally the kitchen has been the hub of the home, a warm and welcoming place to sit and connect with family and friends. Now it can become a place to connect with virtual friends far and near. Juice up your smartphone or tablet at a convenient in-kitchen charging station and you’ll always be ready to connect to your favorite social media.

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