New Year, New Kitchen

We might be a few weeks early on this, but we think it’s time to start thinking about what home-inspired changes you might initiate for the New Year.

In addition to remaking and re-doing spaces like shared living room areas and bedrooms, the kitchen should take center stage.

New Year, New Kitchen

From upgrading kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ to creating a more organized approach to storage and display in this shared area, the kitchen is the crux of daily activity and the home and certainly deserves some New Year’s attention.

To start, this is the time to spruce up your Gilbert kitchen cabinets, opting for a new material if yours have seen better days and certainly re-organizing the interior. Anything that you didn’t use in 2012 and isn’t a special antique or family heirloom is simply taking up precious space in your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ and has to go. Incorporating simple elements, such as a Lazy Susan in your spice cabinet for extra organization and ease-of-access, can make your kitchen so much easier to use in the coming year.

You might also consider other elements of your space, in addition to re-vamping your Gilbert kitchen cabinets. For instance, if your countertops aren’t spacious enough, you might consider installing additional shelving in your kitchen for some of your smaller appliance storage needs to create more countertop space.

If your kitchen isn’t as well-lit as you would prefer, get rid of that retro overhead lighting and install recessed lighting, which has aesthetic appeal and functions well.

If color is the issue and your kitchen just looks tired and drab, then a colorful tile backsplash might be the answer for which you’ve been searching. A backsplash can be done by a tiling professional or serve as a fun do-it-yourself project.

The right backsplash can lift the entire color scheme of your kitchen space, making your kitchen cabinets in Gilbert, AZ as well as your countertops and other kitchen elements just pop with life.

The more you invest the time and thought into how to make your kitchen a space in which you enjoy being on a daily basis, the more it will reflect in this shared space as 2013 makes it final approach. Keep tips in mind to make your kitchen more convenient for your use and focus on adding design elements that make it more pleasing to your eye as well.